right to safe environment

Climate change is one of the most burning issues in today's era. Climate change has affected the entire humanity. An initiative was taken on environmental protection in the Jorhat, Karbianglong and Lakhimpur districts where women leaders were given training on environmental justice and climate change.

Urban climate change resilience programme-PBET in collaboration with Gorakhpur Environment Action Group, Aaranyak, SSEAP and Assam Academic Centre developed an Urban Climate Change Resilience Strategy for Jorhat town.

Water and sanitation and hygiene (WaSH) Programme

Partners of Numi Foundation, Women's Earth Alliance (WEA) in partnership with PBET and Chamong Tea Company had launched an innovative partnership with the Residents of Tonganagaon in Eastern Assam, India to ensure clean, safe drinking water for all 6,500Tonganagaonresidents for generations to come.

The objective of the program is to ensure community-driven, sustainable water solutions for all Tonganagaon residents. Followings are the pictures of Demonstration of Community lead Total Sanitation (CLTS) under WASH programme,