bulbuli gorh

I am 25 years old woman and currently living in Jorhat, Assam. I completed my 10th standard education in 2011 after prolonged persistence and struggle with my parents. After that it became difficult for my parents to bear the expenses of admission fees, study materials, books, clothes and also a daily transportation cost for 13 km distant college. Our family of five persons was dependent on earning from agriculture. Earnings were meager and in addition to that my father was alcoholic and abusive. Life was horrendous for all the members of the family. Whether summer or winter, we often used to sleep outside the house due to physical and verbal abuses by my father. I completed 10th standard of education in such an atmosphere. Historical discrimination against women and the mentality that women are useless continuously became hurdle for me. Despite having a strong desire to get education for myself, I couldn’t express my desire freely in such an atmosphere. My elder sister was so much disturbed that she developed suicidal tendencies. My mother too had similar tendencies. My elder brother used to sleep in neighbour’s house to avoid the abuses by my father. Father used to sell our domestic animals, poultry etc to buy alcohols for himself. Neighbours were tired of our situation and were disturbed. In 2011, in the month of May, activists of Purva Bharati Educational Trust visited our home and talked to my parents. They told that cost of my education will be subsidized by them if I take admission. But then my father objected saying that the school will be far away from home, no need to study further, better I study from home etc. My parents started a bitter confrontation about my education. Villagers too were not so supportive of girls education. However the activists kept calling my parents, my brother and counseled them. Finally my brother took an initiative and agreed to send me to Jorhat for higher education. I completed my 12th standard with good marks. Then I started worrying of what to do next. It was too suffocating for me to think of going back to my home with the abusive father at home. PBET then offered to arrange free education for me in Chinamora College and also a place to stay at the dormitory. I completed my graduation with good marks. After that I started working with PBET. With that earning I studied my masters and a one year course on Early Child Development. Rights now I am fully engaged with social work. I make small donation of pencil, book, pens etc from time to time that gives me enormous mental pleasure. Because there was a time when others helped me and its my time to give it back to the community. My parent had big loan from other and also our land related document, land revenue documents were not ready. I paid and cleared all dues and got all the land related documents. I am one of the primary decision maker now in the family. Father, mother and brother take my opinion before making decisions. The society also looks at me respectfully. I believe education is very important to bring a change in the society and its much needed for women. It can be both formal and non-formal education. Both are empowering