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Our History

Purva Bharati Educational Trust (PBET): Lighting the Path of Progress in North-East India.

Conceived by a collective of enlightened retired educationists who recognized the untapped potential within the rural communities, the Purva Bharati Educational Trust (PBET) came into being, with a resolute mission to empower students with career-oriented education. In 1998, PBET took its first step, driven by a singular purpose: to empower students with career-oriented education, transforming their lives and paving the way for future development.

With unwavering commitment and fueled by a passion for progress, PBET set its sights on a larger horizon. In 2007, PBET expanded its mission, turning its attention towards the untapped potential of the North-East Region.

Our leadership has undergone a transformation, and our priorities have evolved over the years. We have transitioned our traditional organization to align with a modern gender rights framework while embracing a social justice perspective.

Today, PBET stands tall as an embodiment of perseverance and determination, weaving the threads of knowledge, opportunity, and empowerment into the tapestry of North-East India. Guided by the principles of excellence and inclusivity, PBET continues to carve a path towards a brighter future, empowering generations and fostering sustainable progress.



An inclusive society grounded in Social Justice and freedom, fostering peace and hope towards holistic development of all.



  • Create a network of alternative education centres for youth, emphasizing life skills.
  • Promote gender equality, social justice, and empowerment for women, children, and marginalized communities.
  • Raise awareness about accessing rights in livelihood, health, education, legal aid, emergencies, and climate justice.
  • Establish research and media units to study social issues, identify root causes, and develop sustainable solutions.
  • Collaborate with allied networks to achieve our goals.


To seek, to strive and not to yield


Programme Strategy 2023-2028

Our Theory of Change


Registration Details

  • Year of Registration-1998, Registered under Indian Trust Act, 1982 
  • Registered under Income Tax Act, 12AA, 80G 
  • Permanent Account No- AAATP7302E

Our Donors

  • Azim Premji Foundation
  • Mariwala Health Foundation
  • Vox Populi
  • Samagra Siksha Axom
  • Individual Donors

Our Trustees

Dr. Aditi Bezbaruah

Dr. Aditi Bezbaruah is a retired professor of Physics having devoted more than 34 years to her life’s passion i.e. teaching. Dr. Bezbaruah has also spent a major part of her life working on popularising science among Read More

Asha Zechariah

Asha is a feminist activist and development professional with over 15 years of broad and significant experience in Indian and global human rights work . She has been organising Dalit women’s movements in India Read More

Bondita Mrina

Bondita Mrina (Bondita Acharya) has been working in the development sector for more than a decade in Gujarat and North East Region. She has wide experience of programme management, Read More

Manindranath Dutta

Shri Manindranath Dutta is a retired Professor of the Department of Physics at Jagannath Baruah College situated in Jorhat District of Assam. He previously taught at the Department of Physics in Read More

Panchanan Hazarika

Panchanan Hazarika is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Assamese at PNGB Govt. Model College, Kakapathar. He completed his MA in Assamese and MPhil in Assamese from Gauhati UniversityRead More

Shamim Nasrin

Shamim Nasrin is an accomplished academic, author, playwright, and researcher from Sontoli, Boko, Kamrup District of Assam, born on May 1, 1970. She completed her Matriculation from Sontoli High School in Read More

Tonmoyee Rani Neog

Tonmoyee Rani Neog is an Assistant Professor in the Department of History at Jagannath Baruah College (Autonomous), Jorhat. She previously taught at the Department of History, Dibrugarh Read More

Senior Team Management

Bulbuli Garh

Bulbuli Gorh

Manisha Tanti

Manisha Tanti

Progyanika Saikia #Project Coordinator

Progyanika Saikia

Rajumoni Borthakur Saikia# Accountant

Rajumoni Borthakur Saikia