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Campaigns and Other Programmes

Memorial Programmes

PBET organizes annual intellectual and artistic interactive events in loving memory of its late founding members, Jogananda Goswami and Mrinalini Goswami, to keep their legacy alive.

 These events serve as a platform for engaging youth, networking with various organizations, and honouring their contributions. In 2019, PBET collaborated with IPTA Jorhat for a cultural program. 

In 2020, an online lecture and interactive session was organized with sociologist and legal researcher Kalpana Kannabiran, moderated by Dr. Samhita Barooah. 

 In 2021, a performance conversation with renowned Theatre Artist and Activist Papori Medhi took place in Bokakhat whereas in 2022, PBET conducted a State-level Memorial Quiz Competition in collaboration with Jorhat Quiz Forum, attracting participation from over 120 individuals.

In 2023, PBET showcased a play titled “Pariyar Por,” authored by its esteemed late founding trustee, Jogananda Goswami. This production centered on environmental themes and featured a captivating performance by the talented members of Sanskriti Sangha from Dhekiajuli, Jorhat.

VAWG Campaign

In its commitment to combat violence against women and girls, PBET has conducted impactful campaigns to challenge societal gender roles that deprive them of their fundamental rights. In 2022, PBET launched a 16-day online campaign, leveraging infographic videos, success stories, and informative content on its social media platforms, to raise awareness about the issue of violence against women and girls.

Education Campaign

“Hamre Parhboi Shiksha Hamar Adhikar Heke” campaign represents the voices of Assam’s tea tribe and Adivasi communities, rallying for the implementation of a Special School Education Policy tailored to the unique needs of tea garden areas. 

Their demands encompass various facets, including infrastructural improvements for tea garden schools, the inclusion of Adivasi heritage in the state’s Curriculum Framework, recruitment of language-specific teachers from the community, increased budget allocations, and in-service training for educators. 

This campaign seeks to address educational disparities and promote inclusivity in these regions, advocating for a more equitable and enriching educational experience.

Observation of Important Days

PBET places great importance on fostering a sense of community and unity by actively participating in and celebrating significant days throughout the year. These celebrations serve as a powerful reminder of our shared values and the strength of our bonds. Whether it’s commemorating cultural festivals, observing global awareness days, or dedicating time to charity events, these occasions bring our diverse community together. They allow us to reflect on our collective achievements, acknowledge challenges, and work towards a brighter future together. 

These events serve as a platform for engaging youth, networking with various organizations, and honouring their contributions.